Artists’ Choice Show at the BAA Gallery

Our new show is hanging at the Belleville Art Association Gallery at 392 Front Street, Belleville.  Once again, members have pulled out all the stops and are collectively displaying their best work.  Come visit the gallery for a hint of spring colour, texture, shape, and line.  Lose yourself for half an hour in atmosphere, mood, and memories.  The experience will put a “spring” in your step!

Hours at the gallery are Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm.  Call 613 968 8632, and a friendly voice will be there to chat with you about the gallery and the artists.  Here’s a preview of available work:

010 (1024x681)

011 (1024x681)

012 (1024x681)

013 (1024x681)

014 (1024x681)

015 (1024x681)

016 (1024x681)

017 (1024x681)

018 (1024x681)

019 (1024x681)

020 (1024x681)

021 (1024x681)

We look forward to sharing our art with you.

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