Behind the Scenes – Intake For 1 By 1 Show

Intake and hanging a new show could be exhausting and unhappy experiences, but at the BAA, we have managed to work as a supportive team to get the tasks done – in an exhausting, but happy, satisfying way.  The Intake Team greets artists cheerfully, and then goes into action to make that part of the process speedy and smooth. Pat Werden spends much time compiling The List of art and artists ahead of time for each show: another example of how good organization is the key to a successful day.  Once all of the art is submitted, the Hanging Team begins their work, under the direction of designer Joan Reive. The result is a gallery space that is beautifully designed and hung, on a monthly changeover basis, exhibiting the eclectic artwork of BAA members.  As we lock the door behind us after another busy “Install Day”, we all  take one last look, and smile with satisfation.

Many thanks to Sandi Marrow for capturing some of these moments with her camera.

Our current One By One Show hangs for the months of July and August, with new work replacing sold pieces, so be sure to drop in often.  392 Front Street, Belleville.  Hours:Tues. to Sat., 10 am to 4 pm.

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