Brainstorming Session

“Intermission” by Elizabeth Nanninga

Just back form a brainstorming session exploring ways of paying the rent at our beautiful gallery in downtown Belleville. The executive council will take the ideas and develop a plan. We will need volunteers to help out. Until then, we hope everyone can step up to the plate and talk about our association and the wide variety of services that are available to all members. Tell your friends about us! Write something for the blog and send it to Barb Chappelle and she will upload it! Put a note about us on your facebook page! Let’s get our name out there so the public will know who and where we are. A friend of a friend might see it and join us. Who knows? Right now you can tell everyone about the One by One Show. It has been a great success again this year..and only a few weeks left to get the best deal of the summer.
A very special thanks to Dona Knudsen for hosting today’s meeting.

(Submitted by BAA member Jan Coombs)


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