Marta Mouka at the Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre

BAA member Marta Mouka will be exhibiting in this prestigious multi-media arts show:

About The World of Threads Festival

Oakville: Nov. 2 – 18, 2012

Toronto: Nov. 9 – Dec. 2, 2012

The Festival has been 3 years in the making and will highlight the work of nearly 200 artists from 12 countries and 8 Canadian provinces. We will be exhibiting diverse wall and sculptural pieces and installations in a wide variety of fibre media. We are very excited about the scope, content and quality of the work that will be shown. The Festival is organized by dedicated volunteers Dawne Rudman (Festival Chair & Curator) and Gareth Bate (Festival Curator).

The Festival is based in Oakville, Ontario where there are 11 shows. For the first time we’ve expanded into Toronto with 10 shows.

The flagship shows of the Festival are the Common Thread International exhibitions. Hundreds of artists from around the world submitted work. Multiple curators have created exciting shows based on their own unique interests. We also have Independent Exhibitions who have joined onto the Festival.

Our website contains extensive information on every exhibition as well as lists of exhibiting artists and directions. Use our two online Events Calendars to plan your visit. Please note the Toronto Festival opens one week after Oakville. All exhibition dates, times and openings vary. Some shows remain open after the official close of the Festival.

We hope that you will have the opportunity to take in all the exhibitions, and that this will be a rewarding and inspiring experience. Enjoy!

Special Thanks to Gallery Liaison Sybil Rampen.

De rerum natura

(On The Nature of Things)

Common Thread International Exhibition

Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Major Festival Exhibition


Nov. 2 – 18, 2012

Opening Reception: Sun. Nov. 4, 2012, 2:00- 5:00 pm

Address: Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre, 1086 Burnhamthorpe Road East, Oakville. (1 km East of Trafalgar Road)

Gallery Hours: Mon. – Sat. 10 am – 5 pm, Sun. 12 noon – 5 pm.

Art Bus Tour from Toronto to Oakville:

Venue Website:



Exhibition Description

The major Festival exhibition De rerum natura (On The Nature of Things) is a highly eccentric exhibition evoking the collection of a mad 18th century naturalist. All the artwork is dealing with themes of nature, plants and animals. Curator Gareth Bate has observed that environmental work is the most dominant theme in contemporary fibre art. This lush and colourful environment is filled with striking and sometimes bizarre work. The show features the work of 35 artists from Canada, Denmark, United Kingdom and USA. They are working in a huge variety of media. There will be installation, sculpture and 2D work. The title of the exhibition is based on the ancient Roman poem De rerum natura by Lucretius who’s rediscovery was a major inspiration for Renaissance artists.


Gareth is setting up the De rerum natura  in opposition to Memento mori  his other exhibition at The Gallery at Sheridan Institute in Oakville. That exhibition deals with themes of death, mortality and grief. The work is dark and the polar opposite of life filled work of De rerum natura. All the Memento mori artwork engages with techniques or the aesthetic of fibre, but none of the work is actually made of fibre materials. Gareth is exploring the contrast of fibre/life and artificial matierals/death



Canada, Ontario, Toronto: Gareth Bate.



Canada: British Columbia: Vancouver: Bettina Matzkuhn, Carlyn Yandle, Manitoba: Winnipeg: Heather Komus, Ingrid Lincoln, New Brunswick: Saint John: Sandra Betts, Ontario: Alliston: Amy Bagshaw, Kingston: Phillida Hargreaves, Robin Laws Field, Sylvia Naylor, Kitchener: Joanne Young, Mississauga: Pat Hertzberg, Oakville: Sybil Rampen, Ixchel Suarez, Ottawa: Sayward Johnson, Rockwood: Susan Strachan Johnson,Toronto: Lizz Aston, karen darricades, Libby Hague, Jillian MacLachlan, Liz Menard, Leanne Shea Rhem, Sheila Thompson,Tweed: Marta Mouka, Quebec: Montreal: Soufïa Bensaïd, Emily Jan, Valérie d. Walker, St-Sauveur: Marjolein Dallinga, Saskatchewan: Meacham: June J. Jacobs.

Denmark: Copenhagen: Birgitta Hallberg.

United Kingdom: Liverpool: Sarah Martin.

USA: California: San Francisco: Chris Motley, Georgia: Atlanta: Leisa Rich, Massachusetts: Somerville: Jodi Colella, Oregon: Philomath: Laura G. Berman, Virginia: Charlottesville: Lotta Helleberg.



Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre in Oakville, Ontario, Canada is an old barn that has been turned into a gallery. They were one of the main exhibitions in the 2009 festival. Joshua Creek is a vibrant arts complex in the countryside of Oakville. The farmland around the complex is very beautiful. The rustic nature of the venue is perfect for the theme of this show.


Festival Contact

Dawne Rudman (Festival Chair & Curator)



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Dawne Rudman
Chair & Festival Curator

World of Threads Festival

Local, National & International Contemporary Fibre Art
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