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Lola Reid Allin



My varied careers reflect my curiosity about our world. As an airline pilot I accumulated nearly 6000 hours flight time. I studied psychology, genetics, & anthropology (BA Psychology, University of Waterloo). During my three years in Mexico, I worked as a dive master, sold my watercolor paintings to travelers, and conducted weekly travelogues to locals and visitors with my photographs.


PUBLICATIONS: My published essays & photographs chronicle my travels and volunteer work in Guatemala, Kenya, and Honduras and have appeared online and in:

The National Post, The Globe & Mail, The Toronto Star, The Rotarian Magazine, National Geographic, The Smithsonian



2018    Parrott Art Gallery (PAG), Belleville, Ontario Biennial Exhibition:

                 Old friends (Mi Dulce Refugio/MDR, Guatemala) & Dreaming (MDR) 2nd Place

            SPARK Annual Exhibition, Peterborough, Ontario 3rd Place Khadija (Morocco)


2017    SPARK Annual Exhibition 3rd Place Under the watchful eye of Hem (Australia)

            Santa Fe Centre for Photography (SFCP) SUMMER VACATION Contest Honors

                        Into the blue (Borneo)

            RMG Exposed, McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa Golden Fields (Borneo)

            Quinte Arts Council (QAC) Biennial Show Dogsled and Service (Yukon)


2016    SPARK Juried Photography Exhibition Atacama Vista Shadow (Chile)

            PAG Biennial Exhibition Dancers and Guitar Player (Cuba)

            RMG Exposed, McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa Limonada Trinidad 500 (Cuba)

            CLiC Eastern Ontario’s Premier Photography Show (Final year) Past time 1&2


2015    Belleville Art Association (BAA) /PAG, Impact Award

                         Magdalena at her low-smoke stove (Mexico)

            RMG Exposed After the Deluge (Italy)

            Santa Fe Centre for Photography TRAVELS Honors Waiting for supper (Belize)     

            The Rotarian Magazine, Annual Photo Contest Honors Fishing weirs (Vietnam)

            QAC “Expressions” Biennial Show Honors Friendship (MDR/Guatemala)

       CLiC Juried Show After the deluge (Italy)


2014    PAG Biennial Exhibition

            RMG Exposed, McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa – Best Photojournalism Image  & Portfolio Review, Bulger Gallery, Toronto Fishing weirs (Vietnam)

            The Rotarian Magazine – 2nd Twenty years after (Rwanda)

            CLiC Juried Show The Spotted Cat (New Orleans)

       BAA/PAG -Best Use of Light  Coils of Faith (Vietnam)


2013    The Rotarian Magazine Honors Wishing for supper (Belize)     

            QAC “Expressions” Honors – Friendship (MDR, Guatemala)

            BAA/PAG – Best in Show  Zambesi Sun (Zambia) and El Almacen (Canada)

       CLiC Best in Show B&W Life under the watchful eye of Jesus (MDR, Guatemala); Honors Waiting for Supper (Belize)


2012    BAA/Parrott Gallery – Best Use of Light Waiting for supper (Belize)

            CLiC Juried Show Mon Dancer and Produce Market (Thailand)


2011    National Geographic Permanent Collection Nohayquiensepa (Canada)

            Verge Magazine Honors Nohayquiensepa

            BAA/PAG – Honors Opening Day, Byron Bay (Australia)

            CLiC Juried Show Rain (New Orleans) and Cactus Garden (Spain)

2010    Parrott Art Gallery 8th Annual Show Honors Africa: Pensive (Kenya)

            CLIC PECAC 1st Annual Show – Honors Bad News (Kenya)

            Verge Magazine – Honors Mother Love (Kenya)


2009    Canon Camera Canada Rajasthan: Desert Dwellers (12 photos)

            PAG 7th Annual Exhibit Honors Guarding the Zenana (India)

            BAA/PAG – Jurors’ Choice Nanaimo Perspective (Canada)


2008    BAA/PAG Jurors’Choice Khaddouj (Morocco)     

            Verge Magazine Honors Flashfeet (Spain)

2007    Verge Magazine 1st Annual Photo Contest -Best Journeys Khadija (Morocco)

2005    QAC Expressions  Belleville – Jurors’ Choice: Hardbodies (New Orleans)



Watercolour and Photography Gallery: