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Margaret Ruttan

Margaret is an award-winning visual artist, performing artist and published author who resides in Belleville, Ontario.

Her favourite medium is watercolour, but she has also produced works in acrylic and mixed media. Her work has been accepted into numerous juried shows and recently won a Juror’s Choice Award. She is known for her diverse subject matter and a multi-layered approach she brings to her work.

Artist’s Statement

Ever since I was a child messing around with a terrible paint set from K-mart, I have been obsessed with the challenge of controlling pigments suspended in water. Never one to back away from a challenge, I chose watercolours, one of the most unpredictable, unstable and unforgiving medium. I create realistic portraits, still life, abstracts and occasional landscapes. Lately, I’ve found myself stretching my creative muscle, venturing into the limitless world of whimsy. You’ll find many layers in my paintings reflecting my own multi-layered personality. Hearing my viewers say, “it looks so real!” always makes me smile.

– Margaret Ruttan