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Melissa Schatzmann, Pencil Realist Artist

instagramMelissa Schatzmann is a professional Canadian realist artist. Her daily life is surrounded by artistic and creative projects. Melissa accepts realistic pencil drawing commissions. She also teaches children and adult drawing classes. Melissa has taught realistic pencil drawing classes through Loyalist College in Ontario, Canada for the past 15 years. In 2003, she designed Canada’s first online pencil drawing classes offered through Ontario Community Colleges.  Today, these online courses are being offered in over 13 Ontario Community Colleges which registers students from all across Canada.

Melissa’s pencil drawings have been published in a high school textbook through McGraw-Hill Ryerson as well as an international promotional brochure through Sakura Products of America for her earlier work in pointillism. Her colored pencil work has been on the front cover of Ann Kullberg’s magazine, From My Perspective. Melissa continues to be amazed by the wonderment’s of the world around her in creating true-life drawings of people, nature and animals in her work. She achieves high realism in each of her pencil drawings in paying close attention to detail in capturing the essence of her subjects. You can view Melissa’s Pencil Drawings in her online website gallery.

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